RMTC Introduction Page

J3_3.1.1_Woodchurch-BuildingRainbow Montessori Training College (RMTC) was founded by Linda Madden Mont. Dip. Adv. in 1998.

We are based within a grand Victorian building in North West London, which also houses the renowned Rainbow Montessori Junior School. There are also three Rainbow Montessori nurseries in the area.These, together with an extensive range of Montessori equipment on site, provides our students with the atmosphere of a real working environment in addition to the highest quality tuition at the college itself. J3_3.1

Uniquely in the UK, RMTC courses are fully accredited by the leading Montessori training college, Montessori Centre International – formerly St. Nicholas Montessori Training College (MCI). Qualifications from RMTC and MCI are recognized both in the UK and world-wide as suitable for any fully qualified Montessori Teacher.

RMTC offers two part-time courses, especially designed for anyone unable to attend a full time course. For just one night a week, plus some Saturdays per term, we offer fully accredited qualifications at an affordable rate.The Early Childhood course covers the age range of 2.5 years to 6 years old and the Advanced Montessori course covers the ages 6-12 years old.

Early Childhood Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy: 0 – 7 years old Level 3 and Level 4

J3_004The Early Childhood Diploma is internationally recognised and is a suitable qualification for a Montessori class teacher (Level 4) or Teaching Assistant (Level 3). Both being essential to anyone wishing to work in a Montessori setting.  The course will provide an overview of important educational philosophies together with a detailed study of the Montessori philosophy and approach.

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Teaching Practice

J3_003Essential to the full Early Childhood Diploma qualification is the completion of a minimum of 400 hours professional teaching practice. This links the theory of the Montessori Method with the necessary (and wonderful!) experience of teaching in a real nursery or school setting. At RMTC we can offer students the opportunity to apply to do this within our three lovely Rainbow nursery settings.

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Advanced Montessori Diploma: 6 to 12 years old.

P1040967_smallerThe Advanced Diploma course is designed to train Montessori teachers wishing to expand their qualifications to work in the primary years. It is essential to understand how this older child thinks and learns this in turn will enable the directress to help him/her to reach their full potential.

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Additional Information

Each course currently runs over 2 semesters.

Course schedules our announced flyer to the start of that course, please contact the college for further details. Our aim is to provide our students with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Montessori Method and inspiration to educate our future children.J3_002

The interior of our college is bright, beautifully decorated and specifically designed to provide our students with the ideal Montessori environment. All our classrooms are spacious and abide to the traditional Montessori layout, allowing our students to engage in the full range of educational activities expected in a Montessori classroom.

Classes are held in all of the classrooms Elementary 1, Elementary 2, Primary and Preparatory enabling the students to experience true Montessori settings. Our classes are small ensuring that the students have plenty of time to manipulate the materials and truly understand their purposes.


As the students reach the final term of their time with Rainbow we prepare them for examinations, both written and practically. These are set by the Montessori Board of Examiners (MBE). It is essential that the students undertake 420 hours of teaching practice once they have successfully passed all elements of the courses. Teaching Practice can be taken at Rainbow Montessori school/nurseries.