Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy Birth to Seven (Early Years Educator) Level 3 and Level 4

Course Outline


We offer a Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy Birth to Seven (Early Years Educator) Level 3 & Level 4 that a suitable qualification for a Montessori class teacher Level 4  / Assistant Teacher Level 3 and is essential to anyone wishing to work as an Early Years Educator .

The new Diploma has been mapped by the National College for Teaching and Leadership Policy as meeting the full and relevant criteria required for those wishing to enter the workforce as Early Years Educators. From September 2014 onwards the Early Years Educator qualification will be the only qualification to confer a licence to practice the newly qualified practitioners must hold to be included in the specified ratios.

The course will provide an overview of important educational philosophies together with a detailed study of the Montessori philosophy and approach. Our aim is to provide our students with a knowledge and understanding of the Montessori educational philosophy and inspiration to educate our future children.

Course Attendance

Level 4: 2 semesters of 20 week over one academic year (plus professional placement)

Level 3: 2 semesters of 18 weeks over one academic year (plus professional placement)

At both levels an additional 6 -10 hours independent study per week is required


Days of Study

Tuesday Evenings  6.30pm – 9.30pm

Saturdays 10.00am – 4.30pm


Course Assessment

We recognise that students learn and develop in many different ways. The assessments therefore cover different types of assignments:


At the end of the 2nd semester, students will take a practical exam assessing their presentations of the Montessori  Practical Areas of Learning consisting of six presentations.


Course Assessment

Theoretical subjects

Study Skills

Montessori Philosophy

Child Development and Observation

Contemporary Early Childhood Practice

Promoting Children’s Health and Wellbeing



Montessori Practical Areas of Learning

Activities of Everyday Living

Education of the Senses

Numeracy and Arithmetic


Knowledge and Understanding of the World




Professional Placement

Developing Montessori Practice and Developing Montessori Principles



Entrance Criteria Level 3


Entrance Criteria Level 4


Please note current national guidance states that GCSE Maths and English are not a requirement for entry to the Years Educator qualification. However, this will be an employment requirement to be able to be counted on the ratios to work with children in an Early Years setting in England.

Additional Course Details

Our Diploma takes both a theoretical and practical approach to all the core subjects necessary to achieve this internationally recognised Montessori qualification.

Our theoretical subjects introduce you to the foundation of working with early years, focusing on Maria Montessori’s philosophy. We explore her understanding of how children develop and how to focus of building the child’s learning as well as helping you to understand the elements of being a reflective practitioner.

2013-05-07 20.38.25We also study the key to educational observation. This skill is paramount to being a successful Montessori teacher. Enabling you to really understand and develop each individual child, their interests, their personalities and their needs. Skilled observations enable the practitioner to continue to prepare the stimulating and rich environment that makes up a Montessori classroom and that suits the ever developing child.

Child Development knowledge is essential when working with children. Within this module we take a look at renowned theorists that have studied children’s development, whether: physical, intellectual, language and/or emotional and social.

Practically, we explore:

Activities of Everyday Living, Education of the Senses, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Numeracy and Arithmetic and Literacy.P1040998

These areas are all explored by reference to the developing child and with extensive use of the Montessori teaching materials and creative activities that thread through all of the subjects.

Throughout the course students have extensive opportunities to examine and use all of the Montessori materials, allowing them to truly understand their purpose in the Montessori classroom.

Professional Placement

The Diploma includes a required Professional Placement in a Montessori setting (preferably MEAB approved) of at least 400 hours. This placement forms a central point of practical integration for the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes developed over the course of the training.  Learners will be observed by a Placement Mentor from the setting as well as a Placement Tutor allocated by RMTC.

At RMTC we can offer students the opportunity to apply to do the Professional Placement in one of our nurseries or our Junior School.

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Course Lecturers

Sara Symons – Head of College:

Mont. Dip. Early Years, Adv. Dip.

SaraSara is our very enthusiastic and accomplished Head of College. Sara trained for her Early Childhood diploma at St Nicholas Centre and qualified in 1994. After working in early years in the Rainbow nurseries for 6 years, Sara later gained her Advanced Diploma in the Montessori Pedagogy 6-9. During this time she had become head teacher of the Rainbow Montessori Junior School. After working with the older age group for 7 years she was then given the opportunity to Join RMTC as a senior lecturer.

Sara is currently the Head of Rainbow Montessori Training College, lecturing in the main subjects and Senior Course Tutor. Sara examines at Montessori Centre International (MCi) as well as at RMTC.







Beverley Randall – Lecturer:
Mont. Dip. Early Years, Adv. Dip.

beverlyBeverley has been lecturing for Rainbow Montessori Training College for two years. Beverley’s eldest children all went to Rainbow Montessori School and she was among the first students to graduate from both the Early Childhood and Advanced courses at RMTC.

Beverley has been both class teacher (6-12) and Deputy Head at Rainbow School over the years and has worked with children with special educational needs in the state sector. Beverley now lives in Eastbourne and is a regular lecturer at the training college.